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Commercial Vehicles are an extension of your business and can truly represent your business. If you’re looking to upgrade, or begin your companies journey into commercial vehicles, Davies Finance can assist with a variety of services that will help you get the best funding solution for your company.

asset finance solution

A great solution to bringing commercial vehicles into your company is hire/ lease purchase. It’s the ideal solution to effectively manage your company’s cash flow because you can spread the cost of the purchase over a period of time.

If you feel this would be a good solution for your company your first call of action would be to decide what and which commercial vehicles you need to help the running of your business. If you have a designated sales team who are always out on the road, you may consider bringing in a fleet of commercial vehicles which you can brand to represent your business.

With Davies Finance, you remain in complete control. You decide the deposit and terms which would be beneficial to your business, we will then work around your choice to produce the best deal in accordance to your needs. Choosing our company will also give you the great benefits of VAT free purchase, ownership after the end of the agreement and a fixed interest charge.

Contract hire

One of the most preferred asset finance options for commercial vehicles by many businesses is a finance lease. With this option you will avoid paying VAT up front on any vehicles purchases. During the lease your business will not legally own the asset(s), however the tax advantages that you benefit from with a lease will outweigh having immediate ownership.

If you feel a finance lease works well with your company’s finances, choosing Davies Corporate will give you great benefits including low deposits, control over the deposit and fixed monthly payments.

asset finance

Another popular choice amongst businesses is contract hire, it’s a easily manageable cost effective solution to bringing in commercial vehicles to your company. This option allows you to use the vehicle without worrying about the depreciation on your asset. You will simply return the vehicle to the contract hire company after the end of arrangement; the only thing you have to worry about is fuelling and insuring the vehicle.

At Davies Finance you will reap numerous benefits from a business contract hire plan from us including flexibility on your contract hire terms, repayments which can include maintenance, a curiosity vehicle, emergency cover and a road fund license. More importantly it will preserve cash flow by allowing you to pay in instalments allowing you to effectively manage your budget.

Commercial Vehicle Finance

If owning a vehicle but avoiding the risk of depreciating assets interests you, opt for our personal contract purchase (PCP) service from Davies Finance.

Similar to a hire purchase plan, you will own the vehicle whilst paying back amounts over a period that suits you. The true great benefit of a personal contract purchase is the ability to keep the vehicle or to move onto a new car with a new contract.

This option is brilliant for a company that want to keep a fresh, vibrant look to their company vehicles as well as allowing you to the use the difference between the minimum guaranteed future value (MGFW) and its actual value for a down payment for a new vehicle, if you choose to change vehicles after your first contract.

Commercial Car Finance

Contact the team today to discuss commercial vehicle finance further and how we can tailor the contract around your requirements.

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