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Damage and Breakdown - MachineryDamage and Breakdown - Machinery

Acquiring machinery and equipment, (including CNC based machinery/equipment) for use within your business can be an expensive process.

Once acquired, suffering a breakdown or accidental damage in use could also represent a sizable expense for you.

We can help you to protect your business against costly and unforeseen breakdowns with our machinery and equipment cover - designed especially for operators of industrial and commercial machinery to help budget for unforeseen breakdowns and production interruptions.

Cover includes:-

  • Accidental Damage & Breakdown – providing cover against events such as unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown, operator error, power surge, short circuit, collision, PCB failure, theft and ingress of foreign materials.
  • Guaranteed premiums for up to 7 years – once you have decided on the term of protection (up to 7 years) you pay a fixed monthly amount throughout the agreed period. The monthly premium remains fixed irrespective of the number of claims you make. Our cover allows you to secure protection for a period far longer than most conventional insurance policies or repair contracts.
  • Your choice of approved repairer – you choose the quickest and most favourable route of repair, regardless of cost. The ability for you to choose and instruct a repairer means that the cost of downtime is kept to a minimum.
  • Additional cost of working – in the event of an insured loss, the policy will contribute up to an additional £5000 towards losses such as outsourcing or overtime payments that are caused by the incident itself.
  • Claims service – our insurance provider offers a telephone claims service to reduce paperwork and to ensure that when you submit a claim the machinery is up and running again as quickly as possible.

Types of Assets covered:-

  • New and used machinery
  • Machine tools.
  • Printing equipment.
  • Electronic equipment.
  • Fork lift trucks.
  • Production and Manufacturing equipment.

Contact us to discuss your specific equipment and machinery purchases to see if our cover will suit your individual requirements.